TUSA DB0204 Hard Sole 3mm Dive Slipper
TUSA DB0204 Hard Sole 3mm Dive Slipper

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Vendor: TUSA


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These DB-0204 hard sole dive slipper are slip-on and all about quality and comfort. The perfect choice for scuba divers and snorkelers who want a tough and comfortable slipper?. The slippers have an injection-moulded hard sole, ideal support when walking longer distances and provide extra protection and traction for your feet on hard or rocky surfaces! The 3mm neoprene and nylon construction of the rest of the boot provides extreme comfort for the tropical diver. They are slip-on for easy donning and doffing. They are an excellent fit for wide feet and have a firm sole, so you dont need to worry about stepping on anything nasty in the water. 3mm neoprene/nylon jersey. New reinforced toe and heel guards for comfort and durability. Heel stop for fin strap security. Redesigned high-quality injection moulded sole for superior traction and protection. Excellent fit for wider feet also.