TUSA TA5013 Neck and Head Gaiter

Product type: Unknown Type

Vendor: TUSA


Availability: Unavailable


A multifunctional head gaiter that keeps your hair neatly organized while diving. The new Head/Neck gaiter is a versatile accessory for the savvy diver. One size fits most, and can wrap around hair to keep it in place. SPF50+ protects the hair and skin. It can be worn as a face mask and has an antibacterial coating for extra protection. One size fits most. Wraps around hair to eliminate fly-aways and keep hair out of your face. Helps keep mask in place while provided some comfort. SPF 50+ to protect hair from UV rays. Antibacterial coating. Can be used as a face mask. Ideal for both diving and surface outdoor activities. Breathable material for all-day comfort. One size fits most. Dimensions: 500mm x 220mm. Material: Polyester + Polyurethane.