Aquatec Scuba Tank Band - Metal Buckle
Aquatec Scuba Tank Band - Metal Buckle

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The Aquatec TB-232 Scuba Tank Band is long with rubber anti-slip pad and fastened by the 304 stainless steel buckle. This standard width tank strap is low weight, with a strong marine grade stainless steel cam buckle design to cinch very tight and includes an anti-slip pad to protect the cylinder from being scratched by the buckle. The anti-slip pad also prevents the cylinder from shifting once the cam buckle has been secured. Excess webbing secured will also prevent the buckle from accidentally coming loosen. A replacement cam band for most BCD's to secure your tank in place. Never let your scuba tank slip out of your BCD again. Buckle Material: SUS 304. Fabric Tape Length: 1160mm (45.67 inch). Fabric Tape Width: 508mm (2 inch). Fabric Tape Thickness: 2.2mm (0.087 inch). Cam-lock buckle system. Fits most BCDs. Accommodates most single tank size. Easy to adjust and release.