Aqualung SPG + Depth Gauge Double Console

Aqualung SPG + Depth Gauge Double Console




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Product type: Instruments

Vendor: Aqualung

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AQUALUNG SPG + Depth Gauge Double Console 


This Aqualung Two Gauge Console is well-designed and compact with a cylinder pressure gauge and a depth gauge on the front of the console and a handy slate on the rear.

Both of the gauge faces are luminescent for better visibility in low light conditions. The pressure gauge has a custom scale that focuses on the key recreational depths between 0 and 6m for safety stops and also 30 to 40m as the recommended depth limit for recreational divers. The depth gauge also features a maximum depth indicator as well as a small temperature gauge.

The console housing also features convenient anchor points on either side to fit a clip or retractor.

  • Easy-to-read pressure scale up to 350 bar rated
  • High fidelity depth scale provides accurate and easier reading at shallow depths with maximum depth indicator
  • 60m maximum depth
  • Luminescent gauge face for easy reading in low light
  • Integrated temperature scale
  • Nitrox compatible up to 50%
  • Swiss made, shock resistant Bourdon tube
  • One way safety valve
  • Hose length is 36"/ 91.44cm